Auditioning Not For Broadway, But The Subway - June 6, 2018. MTA MUSIC received 309 applications with audio samples and selected 82 finalists to audition... One of the finalists, the all-female a cappella group Mezzo, took to the stage. The women of Mezzo launched into “Dreams” by The Cranberries... read more

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Mezzo NYC Haunting A Cappella Version of Mad World - There has been a major uptick in a cappella music as of late with the huge success of Pentatonix and the Pitch Perfect movies.  People who love the genre have been able to dive in and find many other groups doing phenomenal things without the aid of instruments.  One great example is Mezzo more

PBC Rocks the Parkside w/ Mezzo A Cappella - September 24, 2016. The Pitches are headed back for a third round at the historic Parkside Lounge in Lower East Manhattan, NYC! Joining PBC are the fierce ladies of Mezzo A Cappella. (Other bands may be included...) read more

All-Female A Cappella Crew Mashes Up Rihanna, Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris— and More! - April 14, 2017. NYC-based all-female a cappella group Mezzo releases their latest music video! After their last video, a new take on Gnarls Barkley's Crazy, the group decided to take it a step further with a mashup of multiple songs... read more

A Cappella Groups in NYC That'd Challenge the 'Pitch Perfect' Bellas - January 22, 2018. Mezzo was born when a few a cappella-loving ladies gathered in 2014 to sing together for the fun of it. Four years later, Mezzo is now a semiprofessional group... read more

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